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hadi khorsandi keyhan kayhan of london 2500 هادی خرسندی

"نقطه‌ عطف یا سرآغاز انقلاب ٥٧ نقطه نبود، خط بود. خطی که از دورها می آمد. از کنار مزار میرزاده‌ عشقی و نعش زمین‌دارانی که خفه‌شان کرده بودند و جنازه‌ دولتمردی که چکمه‌ شاه به کمرش خورده بود. خطی که از احمدآباد می گذشت و از کنار کشته‌های ٢٨ مرداد رد می شد و شلاق استوار ساقی را طی می کرد و به خون کشته‌گان توده‌ای رنگ می شد و چادرهای ابریشمین سران کشورها را در تخت‌جمشید زیارت می کرد و به نور جشن هنر روشن می شد و از دانشیان و خسرو گلسرخی می گذشت و..."

"شاه‌ در [جشنهای] ٢٥٠٠ ساله شاهنشاهی غرور و تکبر شاهانه‌ خود را بر مردم ایران و به‌ رخ کشورهای منطقه‌ کشید"

"[با برگزاری جشنهای ٢٥٠٠ ساله شاهنشاهی] شاه می خواست به همه‌ی پادشاهان گذشته‌ ایران بفهماند چه جوری باید ولخرجی کرد."

"در موسیقی اگر شاه از نتی خوشش نمی آمد آن را از خطوط حامل آویزان می کردند اما اگر شهبانو از کون‌برهنه‌ای خوشش می آمد می گفت کنار خیابان‌های شیراز برنامه اجرا کن"

"اقلیت‌های ملی"

از طويلهء "كيهان لندن" (+) (استقبال در سايت های طالبانی-بارزانی)
"گفتگو" ی مِستِر محمد محمدی (كه طبيعتا ارادت ويژه ای هم به الين شيولينو دارد) با يك مفلوك ايرانی نما.

"مُنگليسم يا انتلکتواليسم"


Anonymous Farid said...

Dear SK:

Iran is truly a unique country. Not so much because of its glorious history or culture, but because of the kind of “intellectuals” it produces! Just note the phrases and references used by this clown in his interview: 28th of Mordad, the ceremonies in Persepolis, Daneshian and Golesorkhi,…..Nothing has changed in 31 years. The same thoughts, the same innuendoes, the same hatred of the Shah, the same reverence of and romanticism for revolution, and same limited intellect and scope of analysis, and ultimately the same stupidity and treachery that was and is part and parcel of the majority of the revolutionary intellectuals of the Pahlavi era.
Perhaps the most galling is this clown’s mention of Daneshian and Golesorkhi. This says a lot. This demonstrates that praise for terrorists, as long as those terrorists are anti-Shah is still fashionable. It matters not that those two thugs schemed to kidnap the king or his family (and based on Abbass Samakar’s memoirs, to possibly even kill them). So, these intellectuals are all the same squalid bunch, except 30 years older.
What is also amazing -and sad- is that there seems to be no statute of limitation on the relevance of these intellectuals. In every other country in the world, civilized or not, public intellectuals lose their credibility after a number of wrongheaded actions or pronouncements. But not in Iran! These troglodytes are still interviewed, thousands pay good money to watch their stand-up comedy routines, and radio programs make them their weekly guests.

Shame on them.
Shame on us.
Do we still wonder why we are where we are?


5:37 PM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Dear Farid,
I share your thoughts and sentiments so much that I wish you had written in Persian, so that I could have re-published them in a unique post, or as an addendum to the above.
Couple of points:
Although these characters display great reverence for their own so-called “revolution”, they have not advocated revolution in general. In Particular, they have never advocated a revolution against a republic which they brought to and have kept in power. If they had, you can be certain that they would not have continued to be presented as “intellectuals”. I also think that evoking such concepts as “romanticism” and “revolution” where characters such as these are concerned is as misleading as the term “intellectual”, a term incidentally not used by the Iranians who know either its meaning or are familiar with the background of these charlatans, but, pathetically, by themselves, and by those who control the Persian-language media, publications and every “opposition” mouthpiece such as Keyhan.
My post, I would like to think, is as much an exposure of such publications and media as are passed-off as “Iranian”, as it is about the common thugs they continue to recycle as “experts”, “commentators”, and “intellectuals”.

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Farid said...

Dear SK:

Thank you very much for the kind words.
I get my inspiration from your posts!
I agree with your points. I use the term “intellectual” on purpose and as an intended word of disgrace. To me, there is no difference between the cancerous cells of this class of Iranian “intellectuals” (or as a journal of opinion aptly calls them, “intellectualoids” !) and vermin.

Regarding writing in Farsi, I wish I could. I don’t have the technical knowhow or the proper program on my PC to do it. Perhaps I should respectfully request HIM’s office to translate it for me, as I am sure they will not change a word!


9:12 PM  

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