Wednesday, May 08, 2013

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Robert Creamer, “Political Organizer, Strategist”, assures his readers that “America”, or to be specific the Pentagon, the CIA and NATO, “certainly do have an interest in helping to prevent the conflict in Syria from spinning further out of control -- and to protect any more innocent civilians from being killed or made into refugees.” And this is very reassuring indeed, for if it were not for these humanitarian and human rights organizations, there's no telling what further crimes the Martians, who are the power behind the Islamists and thus the architects of the war against Syria, would commit.

He also says that it was the “oppressive rule of the Shah” --- As opposed to the “progressive” Mossadeq! ---that “gave us all the Ayatollah Khomeini and the theocracy in Iran.” Actually the overthrow of the Iranian government and the establishment of the theocracy was yet another “human rights” job performed by the above mentioned humanitarian organizations, who provided financing, training and arms to a so-called “Iranian opposition” they themselves had created.

As for the “democratically elected” Mossadeq --- who incidentally was appointed to his office by the King himself and Parliament, and thus not “democratically elected” in the sense known in the US, and that only after the very convenient assassination of Razmara by an Islamist ---- being “progressive”, that is certainly true. After all, he chose Mehdi Azar as his Minister of Education (who chose Mehdi Bazargan, years later Ayatollah Khomeini's prime minister, as his secretary), whose very first progressive act was to follow Shariah “law” and close all mixed (boys and girls) schools created under the Pahlavi Kings. Is it possible that the author is unaware that Mossadeq's entire party, the so-called “Jebhe Melli”, were supporters of their “Imam” Khomeini and instrumental in turning Iran into a theocracy?