Sunday, December 03, 2006


"We will never let what happened in Iran happen in Turkey"

The Coming Coup d'Etat in Turkey?
Zeyno Baran
Newsweek International December 4, 2006

“In recent weeks I have spoken with Turkey's most senior officers. All made clear that, while they would not want to see an interruption in democracy, the military may soon have to step in to protect secularism, without which there cannot be democracy in a majority Muslim country.”

“The real problem is the EU's core demand: more civilian [i.e. Islamic government] control over the military. That, senior officers say, would inevitably produce an Islamic Turkey. As they see it, the nation simply cannot afford to follow the EU on issues that would theoretically ensure, but in reality endanger, its future as a secular democracy—that is, a country in which state and mosque are separated and in which freedom of (as well as freedom from) religion is guaranteed for all.”


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