Tuesday, June 24, 2008

US May Open Diplomatic Outpost in [the Islamic Republic of] Iran
US considers opening interests section in Iran, first diplomatic post in 3 decades

June 23, 2008
Associated Press

“…similar to the one the State Department runs in Havana”

Perhaps the Islamic Republic too is to last for 50 years. After all, it too is paraded as "anti-imperialist" !

“Like the one in communist Cuba, an interest section, or de facto embassy, in the Iranian capital would give the United States a presence on the ground through which it can communicate directly with students, dissidents and others without endorsing the government…”

Calling the Islamist mafia regime a “government”, of course, in itself not being an endorsement! As to the “students” and “dissidents” in question, one may want to consider the characters, including criminals and murderers, given these designations thus far, who, hand picked with the cooperation of the Islamic Republic’s Ministry of Intelligence, are paraded as “opposition”.

“It would … serve as a center for American cultural outreach to locals”

For those who can’t get enough of VOA Persian and Radio Farda’s “cultural” programming, surely!


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