Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ebrahim Yazdi

Brief Background on Ebrahim Yazdi

He is believed, and has confessed, to be a naturalized US citizen. Considered by the victims of the Islamic Republic as a CIA asset, he was a close associate and aid to the cleric Ayatollah Khomeini before and after the 1979 Islamist Reaction. Besides being one of the architects of the so-called "Revolutionary Guards"*, he was also, along with Mullah Khalkhali, "prosecutor", "judge" and executioner in the bloody kangaroo "courts" of the Puppet Republic for several months after the fall of the Iranian government, during which tens of thousands of Iranians were jailed, tortured, executed or simply disappeared.

His official roles and titles include:
Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Revolutionary Affairs (late 1979)
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Member of Islamic Majlis (1980-84)
Head of the ultra-reactionary Keyhan newspaper
Head of the so-called “Iran Liberation Movement” (since 1992)

For information on a previous attempt to bring Ebrahim Yazdi before the courts on charges of crimes against humanity, read this document (
webpage/PDF) by a certain “Iranian Action Committee”. It refers to events which took place in March 2005.

*Another is Mohsen Sazgara, currently lecturing Iranians about “democracy” in Voice of America, when he’s not busy joking with the Israelis about
the good old days of the “Revolutionary Guards”!!


Anonymous katayoun said...

SarbazeKuchak-e Germai,

Thank you for posting this little "Bio" of that traitor, Ebrahim Yazdi. Because so many of the so called "political activists" of "Iranian" origin, have not heard of him! and they don't even know that he is an American Citizen! So, this post is, in fact, a stepping-stone for those who are interested in "the Revolution of 79 in Iran".

12:21 AM  

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