Saturday, April 13, 2013

Marketing "revolutions" هافينگتون پست

Marketing "revolutions"

The answer to the question “Is Tunisia the New Hot Spot for Energy Investors? ”, I'm certain, is very clear to those who followed Huffington Post and Co.'s marketing campaign of presenting common criminals as “activists”, and selling sabotage, assassinations, terrorism, bombardment of civilians and civilian infrastructures, and overthrowing governments of sovereign states as "Cries for Freedom" and “Arab Spring”.

The congratulatory messages sent to the new Islamist rulers of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt from the western-educated bandits ruling Iran (not to mention those published by the press through US and European-based "Iranian" academicians and "artists"), then, are not without reason. NATO's 1979 overthrow of the Iranian Monarchy and government met with equal success. The difference, however, is that while NATO's role in the overthrow of former north African governments is well documented, thus a case of partial success, in the decades-long and continuing marketing of the "Iranian revolution", every effort has been made to conceal NATO's role as it's architect, with complete success. But that difference, I suspect, is only temporary, as what really happened in North Africa too will soon be forgotten.

Meanwhile, if  Hollywood can present pre-Muhammedan-invasion Iranians as wild and ugly bloodthirsty animals in consumer products such as 300 and upcoming sequel(s), and Life Magazine can put the Iranian King (the Shah of Iran) in their “worst dictators” list along Hitler, then presenting terrorists as “warriors”, or financing the exhibition of vile and quite revolting Islamist propaganda as “art” should hardly seem ambitious.


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