Friday, November 05, 2010

Haptadâmã The Esoterics Iannis Xenakis یانیس زناکیس Polytope de Persepolis

Haptadâmã: the seven creations of ancient Persia
Eric Banks, The Esoterics, and concerts that take you all over creation

While on the subject…

Performance of Iannis Xenakis’s Polytope de Persepolis in Los Angeles

Saturday, 6 November at 6pm, in L.A. State Historic Park (1245 Spring Street) a recreation of Xenakis’ legendary Polytope de Persepolis will be performed. Adapted by German sound artist and Xenakis electronic music expert Daniel Teige, Persepolis L.A. will involve six listening stations with eight speakers each. Persepolis was originally commissioned by the then Shah of Iran and performed as the opening event of the controversial (because it was condemned as un-Islamic by the Mullahs) 1971 Shiraz Festival that took place in the middle of the ruins of the ancient Persian capital.”

یانیس زناکیس و جشن هنر شيراز؛ چكاوك؛ کامیار صلواتی


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