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Neda Agha-Soltan-Paula B. Slater-San Francisco-united4iran-hejab

"اتحاد (اربابان) برای ايران" و تنديس ساز آمريكائی
از آخرين هنرهای جنبش سبزالله را ارائه ميدهند:

"مجسمهء" ندا، با حجاب اسلامی،
در روبروی شهرداری سانفرانسيسكو


Dear Ms. Slater,

I’m writing to you regarding your newly made sculptural portrait of Neda in San Francisco.

The very fact that you care, and are moved and inspired by what is happening in Iran is greatly commendable. But dear madam, either you have been misinformed as to who Neda was, or are the victim of disinformation by the supporters of Islamic regime and its US lobbyists, which for the past weeks have been spending hundreds of millions of dollars in support of the reactionary Islamo-green movement. Are you aware that unlike the Islamo-greens who legitimized the regime by voting for one Islamic clan against another, Neda, whom you’ve portrayed covered with a Hejab, did not even participate in the regime’s elections?

Since the fall of the Iranian government and the establishment of the Islamic Republic, thousands of Iranians like Neda have been raped, tortured and murdered by the puppet regime and what the media is passing off as Iran’s “reformists” leaders and “activists”. Thousands are being used as sex slaves in the Sheikdoms surrounding the Persian Gulf, as I write. Many have been burnt with acid and mutilated because they did not fully comply with Islamic laws regarding the Hejab. And all this before Ahmadinejad set foot in the presidential office, “hijacking” what supporters of the regime, today parading in green, call “Islamic democracy”.

But Neda, as a symbol, has far greater significance than that of a lonely cry against the theocratic regime in Iran. Have you not heard of the plight of Afghan, and more recently, Iraqi women?

Neda, more than a cry for Iran’s independence and secularism, is a symbol and a cry against political Islam itself.

Ms. Slater, as the clay bust on display now is presently being cast in bronze, I simply ask that you reconsider the form of Neda’s portrait. As an Iranian exile, as one of the countless victims of the Islamic Republic and its beneficiaries abroad, I ask that you portray our Neda without the Hejab. Do not freeze her in time covered with a rag that she, and millions like her, hated and reject.

If women under Islamist regimes must live in misery, without even the simplest right of choosing what they wear, a right which you yourself enjoy, then please help us let them die in peace.

Most Respectfully Yours,

Khorshid (SarbazeKuchak blog)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a letter you have compose, dear Sarbazekuchak!

if you need a signature, I am there to sign!


11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a very well written letter with a strong point. The simple truth is most Americans don't know that they were protesting against the regime itself, and not the elections. I salute you for trying to get this simple truth out to more people and make sure the bust of Neda resembles her in a light she would have appreciated.

12:24 PM  

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