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hooman majd The Ayatollah Begs To Differ: The Paradox of Modern Iran

Two Interesting Interviews

With most focus in the exiled Iranian community being kept on the open mic provided to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad courtesy of CNN’s Larry King, some may have missed a similar “interview” by the New York City based WBAI with this representative of the Islamist regime, conducted on September 24, a day after his UN speech.

This interview, conducted by a group which, much to my amusement, is regularly promoted as “leftist”, and which, as records show, is favorably disposed toward the Islamist genocide in Iran --- one cannot help make the observation that only in a well disciplined, brainwashed society would such criminal endorsement be described as “secular” and “progressive”, or as Chomsky and Hizballah would have it, “anti-imperialist!”--- can be heard in two parts, here and here (be sure to click on “Real Video Stream”). Note too, the presence of Ervand Abrahamian, the well known apologist of the Islamic Republic, for a post-interview “commentary”. But apologists and supporters of the anti-Iranian regime come in different varieties, which brings us to the second interview, that of NPR’s Terry Gross with Hooman Majd, of the “Huffingtonian” variety!

Conducted two days ago, Majd, to his credit, makes no secret of his or his family’s deep-rooted support for the Islamist regime. He is, so far as the Mullahs are concerned, “family”. Of course, none of this is elicited by the obedient interviewer, who is content with the deceptively simple characterization of Majd as “against Ahmadinejad” (which is false), but is offered voluntarily.

Majd is “embarrassed” to have translated the speech of Ahmadinejad at the UN, but shows not an iota of “embarrassment” for being a supporter of a regime which, to take but one piece of news, officially admits to have at least 130 Iranian children on death row. He is “embarrassed” to have translated for Ahmadinejad, but is not embarrassed, 30 years after the Islamist Reaction and its consequences, to describe supporters of the progressive, secular and independentist Pahlavi government as punks (“jahel”), thugs (“laat”) and brain-dead (“bimokh”), or to regard Mullah Khatami and the bloodsucking Islamist gangsters as the “democrats” of our time!

On YouTube

پی نوشت (٣٠ سپتامبر ٢٠٠٨)
گفتگوی مِستِر هومن مجد با راديو "WNYC"، نيويورك

مجد: متن سخنرانی را پيشاپيش در دست دارم. اگر، مانند ‌ا‌مسال، يكشنبه اينجا باشد، مشاوران او متن را به من ميدهند و ما همهء روز دوشنبه را سرف برگرداندن آن به انگليسی ميكنيم ... با اينكه اين متن قبلا در تهران به انگليسی برگردانده شده معمولا اشتباهات زيادی در آن وجود دارد. (يعنی حتی يك مترجم در خود جمهوری اسلامی مورد تاييد وزارت خارجه شان نيست!)

مجری: فرصت اينكه پيشنهادهايی را ارائه بدهيد به شما داده ميشود؟

مجد: بله! مسلمأ. برگرداندن متن تقريبا ١٠ ساعت به درازا می انجامد و تلفن های زيادی با هتلشان رد و بدل ميشود: "اين چيزيست كه شما به زبان فارسی ميگوئيد؛ اين چيزيست كه به نظر ما بايد به زبان انگليسی گفته شود."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what did you expect from the parasits such as Majd. This guy is just doing what he is supposed to be doing. The regime has many mouth pieces, here in the Western-Democratic World we only get to know them, if we are lucky to know them at all--by the way of such interviews. Alas, we have no understanding of the real game that is in process behind the scene and that's our weakness!

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