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Jimmy Carter hatred is alive in Iranian L.A.
President blamed for fall of the Shah October 12, 2007
By Karmel Melamed

A good article. But I think the reference to “the vast fortunes they were forced to leave behind” can be misleading, and I hope other readers do realize that the overwhelming majority of Iranians who were forced to leave their homeland after the Islamist reaction were of the middle class. In fact, the truly evil portrayal of the emotional and national ties to Iran among the Iranian diaspora to conceal the actual motives of these Iranians in opposing the republic is as old as the Islamist regime, and the regime’s supporters and so-called “leftists” have always described Pahlavists as “the very wealthy” or “Taghooti”.

As to Nikki Keddie, who is either very clever or, as her books on Iran suggest, hopelessly clueless, one should not at all be surprised by her attempt in suggesting inaction, indecision or dysfunction as alibis to cover-up what was the very policy and aim of the Carter administration. After all, she is not the only “expert” on Iran to have mistaken success for failure. Incidentally, this is the same Nikki Keddie who not long ago, while encouraging Americans to pressure their government “to improve” its relations with the Islamic Republic, declared respect for human rights as an “unacceptable precondition”* for talks that can lead to such improvements!!

*"Fear of US attack is overstated"; Daily Star (Lebanon); Jan 14, 2004

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Anonymous Farid said...

Dear Sarbaze Kuchak:

Last week, Jimmy Carter appeared on CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer” program (as comfortable a place as home, for any Liberal), to answer a few “softball” questions posed by that Democratic water-carrier. I happened to catch a few moments of that interview when Carter was criticizing Bush administration’s policy toward Iran and openly urging full diplomatic relations with IRI and negotiations. Surprisingly, Blitzer did bring up the Shah of Iran and asked a question. That question and the ensuing response have been etched in my memory, so although this is not a verbatim quote, it is darn close:

Question: Mr. President, some have criticized you for your handling of Iran, and allege that you did not stick by the Shah, who despite his bad human rights record, was an ally of the United States…

Carter’s answer: We could not stand by the Shah, because he was not overthrown by any actions that we took. He was overthrown by his people!

Carter is neither stupid nor uninformed. He is indeed quite clever, vindictive and cunning. But it seems that he regards all who listen to him to be stupid or uninformed. Of course, there was no follow up by Blitzer.


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