Tuesday, September 04, 2007

bahram moshiri on jimmy carter-alireza meybodi


دليل اينكه شاهِ [دستوربگير] به جای سركوب و كشتار [هر چه بيشتر] مردم، ايران را ترك كرد اين بود كه آن زمان "فرد نيك سرشتی" در كاخ سفيد نشسته بوده!

"علامه مجلسی" (بهرام مشيری)؛ ٢٦ آگوست ٢٠٠٧؛ دكان عليرضا ميبدی


Anonymous twoshorties said...

سرباز کوچک گرامی،

بهنگام شنیدن این سخنان نمیدانستم که باید بگریم، یا از ته دل بقهقه بیفتم. از نیک سرشتی کارتر میتوان به ارادت ایشان به "آیت الله خمینی و حرمت تقدسش" نام برد. و از جمله نیک کرداری ایشان آتش به هیزم انقلاب اسلامی-آمریکائی ریختن بود.

10:41 PM  
Blogger saggezard said...

Bahram Moshiri is a very self centered and the most vain person on Iranian satellite TV. He either sincerely believes he knows about every subject, a self proclaimed renaissance man or he is a High Functioning Narcissist. Unfortunately many Iranian viewers have come to agree and believe with many of the fallacies that he puts forward (vainly) as fact. In addition he seems to shift and adjust his opinions and expertise based on the level of criticism he receives, which is seriously troubling, making me think whether he is just brain washing simple minded folks with sermons while wearing a jacket and neck tie instead of a turban and shawl. I have caught him several times with fundamental fallacies he puts forward as fact, one was in the field of economics which I can claim to have some academic expertise in: He once mentioned that oil would not become more expensive if the Strait of Hormuz was blockaded, since he argued Venezuela and Mexico have plenty of oil wells which would supply the United States. This proves that Bahram Moshiri does not have simple understanding of how markets function. Another one was an attack he made of Reza Shah which I will base on my opinion since I have a deep expertise on the era of Reza Shah's rule. Moshiri explained that If Reza Shah was not born Iran would still have moved in the same direction as it has. Considering Reza Shah's unveiling of Iranian women, I wonder who else among the other notable Iranians other than Reza Shah would have had the courage to make such a radical progressive change.

3:14 AM  
Blogger saggezard said...

Correction for previous post:
...I will base on my opinion since I do not have a deep expertise on the era of Reza Shah's rule...

ps. that was a slip of some sort

3:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more with you. Mr. Moshiri sounds like what we used to have in ancient Persia, namely "Hakeem".

He is an expert in Politics, History, Litreture, Nuclear Physics and...

The truth is that we live in 21st centuary and it is vertually impossible to become an expert in all subject matters. When we had Hakeem in ancient Persia the worlds science could be gathered in a small personal library and therefore making it possible for talented people to obtain the title of Hakeem.
However, I have seen ordinary folks enjoying his programmes and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Religion needs to be rooted out in our country (Iran) and if he can make a difference with the less educated then let him do so. Nonetheless, his lectures are not deep enough for the educated and cannot be taken at face value.


8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bahram Moshiri is one of those people who I refer to as self-proclaimed prophets. In other words, we're dealing with a man who is suffering from some form of severe separation from reality. He thinks of himself so highly that he one day may think that he is god himself! Perhaps he already thinks he is god but keeps it secret. The man doesn't know what he is talking about. And once again I'm buffled that there are Iranians who consider themselves educated and who follow this clown and call him "ostad"! He thinks so highly of himself that he thinks he is the one who knows about Islam, the creation, God, everything. In one of his programs he talked about hell and paradise, and said that such things are nonsense, and then he said: "Hell is where there is no freedom and democracy, and paradise is werever there is freedom and democracy". To Mr. Moshiri this is what sprituality is about! Can you imagine? Mr. Moshiri, if you're reading this, I ask you, who do you think you are that you know what hell and paradise is? Have you been assigned a holy mission from above that we are unaware of? If so, please declare that you are a prophet! Mr. Moshiri, you know nothing about Islam, Reza Shah, Mohammad Reza Shah, this world, the worlds beyond this world. Mr. Moshiri, you are nothing! You are a pathetic, ignorant, self-proclaimed "intellectual" suffering from a sick ego and poisonous pride that is leading you astray! I really pity you, but more than anything I pity those naive and stupid people who follow you, and thank God that they're very few of them!

5:39 PM  

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