Friday, October 02, 2015

Associated Press New york times nytimes photo-manipulation

The picture HERE (or here), published by the Associated Press, is doctored and a fabrication.

The crowd of several hundred is made to appear much larger than that actually present.

It is meant to complement and confirm visually the fiction being manufactured by the likes of The New York Times that “Iran” and “Iranians“, being “Muslims”, and much like other “Islamic countries” with no discernible worldly cares other than those pertaining Islam, “are blaming the Saudis” for the recent “Haj” stampede.

The truth is, that, as usual, such crowds are made up the Islamic Republic’s supporters, or poor pensioners whose presence is expected at such shows.

As we have discussed on previous occasions, the apologists of Islamic regimes in Iran and elsewhere will not mention “supporters”, omitting altogether clarifications that would remove the ambiguity, in order to deny the very existence of opponents.

The Islamic regime will follow the script given it by its western founders, that’s why it is there. But it’s doubtful that Iranians, living under the tyranny of Sharia Lawlessness for the past 35 years, could have cared less, if not actually have celebrated the event: The “Haj” goers are the Islamic Republic’s supporters.

Not wishing to single out the Associated Press, we acknowledge that this post is merely an addition to other previous posts concerning such manipulations by the media over the years.