Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ayatollah Hassan Rowhani Iran elections legitimization titles آيت الله ‌حسن روحانی‎

Voting for murderers and criminals such as Ayatollah (“Sign/Voice of Allah”) Hassan Rowhani would of course require that one first recognize the distinctly anti-Iranian mafia regime as legitimate. Although there is no doubt that the beneficiaries of the regime do, unfortunately for the regime's western cheerleaders, who overthrew the Iranian government some 34 years ago, those Iranian nationalists who've managed to survive 34 years of executions, assassinations and miserable shame, at home and abroad, and who put their nation's interests far above any personal gains, are not as “enthusiastic” about these public relations campaigns as The Guardian, Associated Press, Reuters, etc., who run them.

And no, you will not find any references to this thug as an Ayatollah, which he is, by the likes of The Guardian and “Ali Akbar Dareini's” employers. They would naturally drop it.


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