Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Majid Rafizadeh NIAC Bashar al-Assad ناياك مجید رفیع زاده‎

President Assad is certainly hated, not by the people of Syria as this fellow claims, but by a system hell bent on furthering the decades-old policy of Islamization to combat nationalism and aspirations to sovereignty. It is therefore a policy that has further defined what international gangsters like to call “globalization”. If Assad was hated by the Syrian people, NATO would not have been forced to resort to bombing the Syrian population on a daily basis, the type of bombings that make the explosions in Boston look like firecrackers. The author will do much better confining his propaganda to the oil cartel's “National Iranian-American Council”, “” and the such, where he may more effectively dissimulate an earlier NATO “human rights” project as a “revolution”.


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