Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Islamist thugs threaten to destroy the Tomb of Iranian Empress Esther אסתר המלכה אחשורוש

Comment on the World Jewish Congress Website

Regarding recent threats by Islamist thugs to destroy the Tomb of Iranian Empress Esther

As an Iranian, I greatly appreciate that unlike Yedioth Ahronoth and The Jerusalem Post, you have correctly described these thugs as Islamists, and not as “Iranian students” or “Iranian demonstrators”. Perhaps, unlike those who sacrifice historical judgment for political expediency, you are well aware that nothing else in Iran’s glorious pre-Islamic history has fared any better under the rule of the essentially anti-Iranian Islamic Republican regime. After all, even if western press turned a blind eye, news regarding the destruction of Iran’s historical heritage have continued to be published on almost a daily basis, since 1979, in the Islamic Republic’s own newspapers.

However, the report above does need a minor, yet very important, correction:

Xerxes did not need to be convinced by Empress Esther to allow Jews to settle freely in the Persian Empire. The Jews had been one of the most loyal of Iranian peoples to their Kings since the reign of Cyrus the Great. The story of Purim consists not of this, but of Esther convincing Emperor Xerxes of the existence of the plot to kill all Jews throughout the Empire, and of Xerxes foiling it.

بی بی سی جنايتكار آرامگاه شهبانو استر را "مقبره استر" مينامد، حال آنكه در خود ايران، برخلاف چاقوكشهای لندن نشين ِ ضد توتاليتر، همان واژهء ايرانی و شايستهء آرامگاه را بكار ميبرند.


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