Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ebrahim Norouzi-Mohammed Mossadegh

"دكتر ايرانی تبار كودتای ١٩٥٣ را فراموش نميكند"

"ابراهيم نوروزی، دكتر تازه بازنشسته شده از شهر ناكسويل و سيتيزن ايرانی تبار آمريكا، هر سال ١٩ آگوست را بعنوان "روزی كه دمكراسی مُرد" بياد می آور"

--- بله. آنچه را كه بايد فراموش كرد تلاش های امثال ابراهيم نوروزی (گردانندهء "محمد مصدق دات كام") جهت دوباره زنده كردن "دمكراسی" با رهبری سازمان سيا و امام راحل است.

"او يك سياست باز نبود، او رهبری رويايی بود، فراتر از يك دولتمرد، كه ميبايد با گاندی، ماندلا، مارتين لوتر كينگ و جورج واشينگتن همسنجی كرد."


Anonymous Farid said...

Dear Sarbaze Kuchak:

For one of the best treatments of the developments and days leading up to the 28th of Mordad, and the events of that day, I would like to refer you and your readers to chapter-14 of Amir Taheri's excellent new book (The Persian Night). The chapter is titled "Five Days in August". In it Taheri does a masterful job of de-mystifying Mosaddeq (charlatan par excellence of Iranian contemporary history) and giving that day -and the Shah- the legitimacy it deserves....

The vey sad part is that these defenses are too rare and very far in between. Supporters of Iran and the Shah lost this political battle decades ago. This is what happens when truth is not defended. The fight over the truth of the 28th of Mordad is a generational battle, and it will take that long to win it, if at all.


2:57 PM  

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