Tuesday, July 07, 2009

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The Squandered Emancipation of Iranian Women
By Andrew G. Bostom*

I often cannot help but be amazed by the immunity of certain non-Iranians, here and there, to the relentless propaganda which, for decades, has tried and, unfortunately for the victims of “Islamic democracy”, mainly succeeded, in not merely the vilification of the Pahlavi Kings, but the defamation of the entire Pahlavi Era. Fortunately for these voiceless victims, there remain a number western scholars to whom the slaughtering of History is shunned as criminal.

*There is also a blog entry at andrewbostom.org.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't alive in '79. My viewpoint is that many here are not immune. Rather they were dispossessed to mistrust a leader who was pro-Western. Therefore, when the "revolution" happened, they took they Ayat Allahs at their word, saying how bad the Pahlavi Era was.
Mousavi and his wife, for one, do not deceive me. I've heard how much blood they have on their hands. I just wish more people my generation knew.

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