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The actions that we have witnessed in these few days have been unprecedented in the Islamic Republic… If the people are following the present turn of events with trepidation, it is because they are anguished by the great achievements of their Islamic revolution being in danger.

Those who resorted to many violations in order to declare those inconceivable results for the presidential elections, are now seeking to validate the results and start a new period of our country's history. I have repeatedly, during the course of these elections, have spoken of dangers of escaping from the law and have emphasized that this method might result in tyranny and dictatorship, and today our nation is standing at a point that finds this prospect tangible.

We, who are committed to the Islamic republic and its constitutional laws, consider the Supreme Leader ("Velayate Fagheeh") as one of its pillars and will follow our political moves within this legal framework….I warn that in this country no one who is passionate about the Islamic revolution could accept the current outcome. This is what the blood of thousands of martyrs commits us to taking responsibility to our actions.

…Lets not abandon the green color which is a symbol of spirituality, freedom and religious mentality and moderation, or the 'Allah is Great' slogan that speaks of our revolutionary roots.

These are the words of the “moderate” and “reformist” Mirhossein Mousavi (not by Iranian standards, but by the media’s, where Iran is concerned) in a public announcement published on Sunday June 14.

It is nothing out of the ordinary for Iranians familiar with his background, but non-Iranians cannot go wrong studying it in order to figure out why these bloody demonstrations are far more than what is being admitted by the masters of public manipulation who are painting everything in Mousavi green.

The green, to conclude, may continue to provide the brave demonstrators some degree of protection against the regime to which Mousavi, Ahmadinejad and their ilk is committed, but here abroad, it is exposing the regime’s supporters, who, until moments before the release of election results, were singing the praises of democratic elections in Iran and the achievements of the State Department’s “Glorious Islamic Revolution”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you saying what I'm thinking, that the majority of protestors are protesting the regime itself and that the media is complete missing the big picture? Or did I take it wrong? I've followed Iran off and on since 2005. I know the presidential elections mean absolutely nothing, since all candidates must go through the Guardian Council, the Council of Experts, and Khaemini himself. So, do you think this could be the moment of the regime's downfall? Furthermore, what would be your view on that (positive or negative)? Such a pity I didn't keep up with my Persian over the years...I'm starting again now, ha. Cheers!

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Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Hello Matt,

Thank you for stopping by and leaving the comment.

I wouldn’t say the media is missing the picture, because I’d paint precisely the same picture myself IF my objective was the legitimization and prolongation of the Islamic Republic. You’ll note that the media and what are presented as “experts” (including many well-known regime apologists) persist in presenting the (eligible) voter turnout at 85%!! They misinform the public that of a population of some 70 million, the Islamic Republicans received over 40 million votes of approval!!

But besides this legitimization of the regime by way of inflating the voter turnout, the media is actively taking sides in a struggle among the various mafia factions which form the Islamic Republic (this incidentally is nothing new; it has done so for the past three decades). This is why it is painting everything in “Mousavi green”, if you will. (Only this morning I saw a picture of another well-known opponent of the Islamic regime by AP, again with an accompanying caption that began with “Mousavi supporters…”!)

What is not being reported is that many of the Iranians on the street view this contention between the various factions of the Islamic Republic as an opportunity to protest against the occupying regime itself. If they carry green paraphernalia, they do so to provide themselves with some degree of protection. After all, Mousavi and his ilk have made their position quite clear.

Do I think this could be the moment of the regime's downfall? It depends. The protesters in Iran are fighting empty-handed, all while the media represents them as regime supporters, equating them with regime supporters abroad who are protesting why the votes of their Islamic Republican faction was “stolen” by another. But things could change. Things could get more out of hand. If they do, and millions of others join the protesters, I’d say a good opportunity would then present itself for the overthrow of this three-decade old Islamic regime. In my view, that would of course be positive. The media, however, rest assured, will support the regime to the end.

Thank you again for your concern.


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