Tuesday, June 16, 2009

islamic republicans in us-Mirhossein Mousavi-Iran-Iranian-Iranians

"نوشتم موسوی، خواندند احمدی"

تظاهرات هواداران ميرحسين موسوی در واشنگتن.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is sad to see the people who line for hours and days in front various embassies in Iran to get the hell out of the Islamic paradise line up to vote for these thugs! I dont know what to call them. "Idiot" might be a complement.

3:14 PM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...


Whatever we may decide to call them, there is perhaps a bright side to this as well. Namely, and I’m quoting a friend with whom I spoke only two weeks ago, that with their migration abroad, they can no longer pollute our country’s soil.

Like other Iranians, I have far more respect for the illiterate Basijis who, thanks to people like these, have been brainwashed into their present condition as the soldiers of Allah, than these western “educated”, fashionable, mostly upper-class ladies and gentlemen who, refusing to take the medicine they prescribe for the wretched people of Iran, are themselves comfortably living abroad .

I’ve always regarded the first as victims of the second.

8:32 PM  

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