Friday, June 26, 2009

Farhad Erfani - Mazdak

آغاز روند فروپاشی دستگاه روحانیت

فرهاد عرفانی – مزدک

خمینی که خود در ابتدا بر اساس همان سنت مذکور، گفته بود: « ما سیاست را به سیاستمداران واگذار می کنیم و به همان حوزه و کلاس و درس باز می گردیم »، با مزه کردن طعم قدرت، نظریه ولایت فقیه را از انبان رویاهای جوانی اش بیرون کشید و بر میز قمار سیاست جامعه کوبید. او، بدون اینکه شاید خود متوجه باشد، با اینکار، سند نابودی نه تنها دستگاه روحانیت، بلکه حتی اسلام در ایران را امضاء کرد! چرا که اگر تا کنون، حکومتها می آمدند و می رفتند، اما روحانیت بر جای می ماند، اکنون که می رفت تا روحانیت، خود، بر مسند قدرت نشیند، همانند هر حکومتی، خویش را در معرض سقوط و نابودی قرار می داد.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Mazdak is right. However I think the Molla's masters in U.K and U.S will try to defend these people either via protecting some of the Mollas that are currently critisizing the regime and isolating them in Qom or through the "suits" that they are training to sell the masses a new and improved version of the "Eslame Manfor". Likes of Nasr and Aslan and Kadivar etc...
I hope to see the day that our people wake up and find their true self...A discovery of our own glorious culture and religion (Zartosht), our own national celebrations...Norooz,Sadeh ...
We need a new breed of thinkers, historians and writers that do not copy the eastern and western ideologies and truely decide to go on a massive education campaing of our people about our history. Much like Foroud Foladvand did...
Javid Iran

9:06 PM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Dear Anonymous,

It would be hard to believe that people like Mazdak are not aware of the beneficiaries of the Islamic systems’ intentions. I say that because his stress on independence, self-reliance and the Iranian culture seem evident. He would not be under my links column otherwise.

Speaking of Reza Aslan, this well-known and shameless apologist of the Islamic Republic, who was used previously to sing the praises of what he calls the Islamic “revolution” and to call the regime “democratic” on our behalf, is now all over the airwaves speaking of dictatorship!

To end, perhaps I’ll add this little note that I do not consider Zoroastrianism a religion.

Thank you for leaving a comment

1:11 AM  

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