Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I’m very sorry indeed that of all things that I could write here, in the first post that time has permitted since the last update, I’m forced once more to warn readers of the opportunists abusing the name of this blog and that of my friend Pari Saffari. If you’ve searched for the two on Google, you already know the group in question.

I do not appreciate being linked to, or seeing the reputation of my blog being taken advantage of, by charlatans and opportunists, parading as Iranians and Monarchists, for their own aims.

For the information of the readers here, then, the people running Aryamehr have flatly refused to stop linking to SarbazeKuchak and PSaffari.com, despite a number of requests. Furthermore, they have placed links to SarbazeKuchak and PSaffari.com from websites of vile reputation, with the aim of misleading those who see such references and misrepresenting our beliefs by way of false association.

Thus, please beware. Blogs and websites the majority of whose ideas I either share or endorse are in the links column. Hopefully, as they monitor this blog around the clock, they too will get the message.


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