Friday, February 06, 2009

Sirus Sharafshahi-sobh-sobhe-Iran

"اين روزها كسانی نغمه پادشاهی را ساز ميكنند كه يا مزدور رژيم تهران هستند و قصد دارند ايرانيان را به جان هم بياندازند يا اينكه مغزشان با رويدادهای روز جهان و سياست جهانی همراهی ندارد..."

روزنامه "صبح ايران" (لس آنجلس)؛ ٦ فورييه ٢٠٠٩.

جالبتر اينكه اين لمپن ٢٥ سنتی اضافه كرده:

"[البته] اگر ... خود شاهزاده بگويد امكان بازگشت سلطنت به ايران هست ما هم همراه اين انديشه ميشويم"

بيچاره سنگ پای قزوین.


Anonymous Farid said...

Dear SK:
The problem is not this 3rd rate, idiotic, yellow-journalist (“Sharafshahi” should be changed to “bisharaf-zedeshahi”). The problem is Reza Pahlavi. Reza Pahlavi is single-handedly responsible for the decimation of the Monarchist movement and for morally aiding and abetting the resuscitation of terrorist trash, such as the remnants of the “Fadayee” guerrillas.
This is the painful truth that the admirers of the two late great Pahlavi kings must come to grips with.
Do you disagree?

10:17 PM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Dear Farid,

The post is only to note what someone has said; it does not discuss a problem. The problem that can be suggested is the existence of an opportunist class of so-called “Iranians” to which Sharafshahi belongs.

Opportunists are opportunists, regardless of one might think of Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi.

3:34 PM  

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