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Dear Readers,

As you know I have an account of the same name on YouTube, with its “channel” page linking to this blog.

Last week, as those of you who often visit YouTube may also know, I uploaded a clip of Princess Soraya from a very difficult-to-find European film.

I did so for two reasons. One, because it is a document which I believed most Iranians would find as fascinating as I do, and two, to attract some attention to the contents of this blog.

The clip was within hours linked to by (for which I'm grateful) and one or two other sites, with the clip’s counter registering thousands of viewers. Currently, the number stands above 15000.

Late last night a friend who had seen the clip suggested to me that I visit the self-styled “Iranian” site in reference to which a boycott logo has stood in the right column of this blog since the first post on this blog : He was of course referring to the so-called “”. I did, and THIS is what I saw.

Clicking on that particular picture will take the visitor to a page displaying the clip, titled “Soraya of Persia”. Well, it is the same exact clip and clicking on it twice would take viewer, one would think, to the page where it had been originally uploaded to, right?

Not quite.

My clip has been copied and re-uploaded in another account, named “ramiz110”.

I of course welcome the fact that my clips and blog are not linked to by characters I consider criminals, political prostitutes and anti-Iranian, and quite amused to see them reduced to resort to such measures to neutralize our efforts. It was only last week that I had also learned of Mazdaq’s excellent clip, titled Islamic Heroin Republic! being manipulated and re-uploaded by other gangsters (See HERE and HERE).

I can rest much easier, however, knowing that other fellow Iranians remain alert to such things as I’ve just disclosed.

(Nov 7, 8:22 PM) I've posted the link to this note under comments. It awaits approval.


Anonymous Cameron said...

Dear Sir:
I just found your blog, after the comment you left on ""( "Shame on you"). And I am glad that I came across your blog. It's wonderful.
I also read what you wrote about people stealing matherial. The only thing is that what was posted on '' was taken from YouTube. So whoever stole it from you, posted it on Youtube, and'Partygirl, posted the video she found on youtube.

8:36 AM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Dear Cameron,

Wonderful to have you here. Welcome!

You explain the matter correctly, and that is in fact how I explained it too. I did not accuse of “stealing”. I accused the individual(s) called “Ramiz110”, who may or may not be in league with that site. Most, however, are; because ultimately most political “Iranian” accounts on YouTube and innumerable sites such as “” clearly serve the same masters.

Once again I welcome you, and I hope to have you as a regular visitor and be able to take advantage of your criticisms. Incidentally, if you monitor ”” closely please let me know.


1:33 PM  

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