Tuesday, June 17, 2008

radio farda-reza-History

پرسش: "درآن زمان که با مردم برخورد داشتيد، احساس می کرديد که اگر روزی حکومت را در دست بگيريد، تغييری ايجاد می کنيد؟ اين که مردم ... در فقر زندگی می کنند و شما بايد اين شرايط را تغيير..."

با توجه به پرسش "ژورناليست" فارسی زبان راديو فردا از آقای شهروند رضا، بسياری كه نمی دانستند آگاه شدند كه پيش از "انقلاب" شكوهمند گردانندگان اين راديو در ايران، مردم اين كشور "در فقر" زندگی می كردند.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

با درود بر سرباز کوچک گرامیِ خستگی ناپذیر:

نمیدانم چرا هر گاه این شهروندِ محترم دهان به سخن میگشاید، خود را اینگونه به هچل می اندازد!!! باید از مشاورین سیاسی ایشان پرسید: آقایان، حماقت تا کی و کجا؟؟؟

ذره بین

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Farid said...

Dear Sarbaze Kuchak:

These repetitive, “ready made”, and almost “computerized” answers given by the former heir to the Pahlavi monarchy are no surprise, as insulting to the intelligence of some thoughtful listeners or as disappointing to the devotees of the late Shah as they might be. What is sickening and even downright frightening is type of simple-minded and childish (or better said, American-style “liberal”) questions being asked by the questioners. The Political Correctness permeating throughout the interview is nauseating. The constant invocations of how “bad” and oppressive the pre-1979 Iran was, the reference to the music of the terrorist sympathizers like “Dariush”, the audacity to bring up “Siyahkal”, the condescending and morally-superior-sounding question about the “natural” opposition of the former prince to the injustices of the pre-1979 monarch,the implied moral equivalence of today's occupying regime with the Pahlavi monarchy……all and all are indications of the absolute “dumbing down” of the Iranian political discourse. A bunch of sniveling punks being at the helms of all forms of communication and presuming to lecture the rest of us (especially when they have a receptive guest like the former heir to the Pahlavi monarchy) on what is good / liberal and what is not…
This type of garbage now passes for information.
The liberal dummies have won the day.
Truth continues to lose.


9:36 PM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

درود به ذره بین نازنين،

در مورد جناب شهروند، ايشان يك دلقك سياسی هستند؛ مانند ديگر دلقكهای سياسی كه در جامعه ما مطرح می شوند. اشاره من به دروغ های راديوی منفور است.

12:05 AM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Dear Farid, how happy I am to hear from you again, and how relieved knowing that I'll have your guidance.

(During your long absence, I e-mailed you twice or three times, but your e-mail account seems to have been closed. My e-mail address remains the same.)

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're shameful, Sarbaze Kuchak. A shameful moron

10:05 PM  

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