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Ankara protest against lifting Islamic headscarf ban
Radio Netherlands
Saturday 02 February 2008

Ankara -
Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in the Turkish capital Ankara against government plans to lift the ban on wearing Islamic headscarves in universities. About 30 organizations called for the protest outside the mausoleum of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish republic.

The government wants to lift the ban "to ensure that women adhering to strict forms of Islam can enjoy a university education." (My quotation marks) However, opponents of the proposal see it as an easing of Turkey's strict separation of church and state.

Many fear that Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's Islamic AK Party plans to make further inroads into the secular state system. The government's proposal to lift the ban is expected to be approved by the Turkish parliament next week.

Islamist counter-demonstrators


Anonymous twoshorties said...


The kind of demonstration calls for National-unity with respect to an important national issue. However, the Islamists will not be satisfied until they see the ban lifted. This is their habit; they push and push and push till they get inside of something and then they work their way outward, ruining everything and destroying all civil foundations.
This is a turbulent time in Turkish history, and only Turkish people can determine their fate. If they are wise enough, they’ll take their neighbour’s example, and make sure that the parliament does not act on lifting the ban. In Iran, people still do suffer from the aftermath of the chaos of 1978-79.

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