Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Habib Tabrizian

جنبش ما و میراث پهلوی

حبیب تبریزیان
٣٠ سپتامبر ٢٠٠٧

(بانو صفاری در بخش ديدگاه ها در پايين صفحه نوشته اند: "براستی خواندن نوشتاری از اين دست كه مانند آينه ای چهره همه مدعيان را بدرستی آشكار سازد و رويكردی خردمندانه و دادگرانه را در اين روزهای سرنوشت ساز پيش روی همگان بگذارد، كمتر پيش می آيد. درود و سپاس به كدبان حبيب تبريزيان.")


Anonymous Farid said...

Dear Sarbaze Kuchak:

What a remarkable article, by someone who seems to me to be a “republican” analyst! It is a pity that we have reached such a desperate dearth of insightful “monarchist” thinkers that it is our political “adversaries” (assuming Mr. Tabrizian is one) who have to remind us of the virtues of our belief system!
What catches my eyes as “missing” in an otherwise excellent argument is in the passage where he makes reference to the “intellectual and organizational weakness” of the supporters of monarchy. The author fails to mention (or perhaps this would not be obvious to a non-monarchist!) the “leadership” weakness of the monarchists. Is there any credible observer of even “average” understanding who would deny the possibility –if not the fact- that had the heir to the Pahlavi throne not “abdicated” his historic constitutional responsibilities, not squandered priceless opportunities, not selected the appeasement of Monarchy’s mortal and uncompromising enemies over the cultivation and energizing of his “natural” base, and had he reached out to the Iranians across the globe (especially the youth inside Iran) as the legitimate exiled “king” of Iran as opposed to acting like a “liberal academic”, that Monarchy would have been found to be the “final answer” (as the author calls it) to the unresolved enigma of a great “manipulation” (again, as he refers to it)?


8:56 PM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Farid jan,
If I’m not mistaken, he was formerly a member of Hezbe Mashrooteh, and being a former member of what turned into an essentially republican party can suggest a commitment to monarchy. But I think any article addressing important historical questions objectively, without bias or prejudice, deserves our attention, regardless of the structural form of the government the author prefers. My only criticism of Mr. Tabrizian would concern his decision to publish an article in “Iranglobal”, giving ABEROO to this wholly discredited and BI-ETTEBAR website.
As for the absence of reference to our leadership problem, and the path Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi has chosen to follow, I am truly saddened to say Farid jan that the truth, which you so painfully point out, is too obvious to have necessitated a reminder.
Dear Farid, I would really like you to contact Banou Saffari and speak to her about your ideas and suggestions, even articles written by yourself that you would like posted here.

7:29 AM  

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