Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ardeshir Ommani-Lawrence Reza Ershaghi-Ahmadinejad

Short clip of Ardeshir Ommani and “Lawrence” Reza Ershaghi
in the pro-Islamic Republic protests in NYC

References in this blog to Ardeshir Ommani as a habitual liar and an insane anti-Pahlavist are numerous. As to Haj Agha “Lawrence”, who supports the Islamic Republic and “freedom of speech” (if a criminal like Abdolkarim Soroush can be designated as “Iran’s democratic voice”, Ershaghi too can believe in “freedom of speech” without blushing), you can find his writings on a non-Iranian website called “”. He also writes for a blog which, naturally, is called “Iranian Truth.”

Found this clip later:


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