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Iran’s educational curriculum

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Report: Teheran Teaching Children Incitement against West, Israel
Iranians Praise Yad Vashem Website

IHC News, 01 February 2007
Israel Hasbara Committee
By Amihai Zippor

A new report released by the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMIP), an organization that studies values in textbooks throughout the Middle East, states that Iran’s educational curriculum “prepares its students for a global war against the West in the name of Islam.”

Many textbooks taught in the Islamic regime praise martyrdom and curse the US and Israel.

“[America] does not refrain from massacring people, from burying alive the soldiers of the opposite side and from using mass destruction weapons (as it did with Iraq),” an excerpt from an 11th grade humanities text reads.

“It makes use of atomic bombs (the bombardment of Japan). It uses the weapon of human rights in order to suppress the justice seekers (like its abuse against Islamic Iran). It creates the greatest dictatorships and the violent and torturous security-oriented regimes, and defends them,” the paragraph stated.

On Jews and Israel a geography book alleged, “Another problem [faced by the Muslim countries] is the regime that occupies Jerusalem (Israel), which has been created in this area as a basis for America and other aggressive powers, with the aim of taking over the Muslim lands...”

Furthermore a description from a 3rd grade textbook published in 2004 showed Israel as a ruthless regime. It described an incident between an IDF soldier and a Palestinian child by saying, “...At that time the Israeli officer pounded [three-year old] Muhammad's head with his rifle's stock and his warm blood was sprinkled upon [his six-year old brother] Khaled's hands.” (sic).

After citing other passages, CMIP’s study concludes “The Iranian school textbooks thus provide an example of a hate curriculum” and “prepares school children for war and martyrdom against the West in general, and against the United States and Israel in particular.

It adds, “The continuation of this way of thinking and indoctrination inside this system...should alarm all individuals and governments that cherish the principles of peace and international cooperation.”

Finally, a striking fact is that the majority of the texts were printed during the term of former President Mohammed Khatami, considered a moderate by Iranian standards.

[Although hardly a striking fact to Iranians themselves, one can grant that it may occur as such to the author and, naturally, the innocent Western public reading the report, for Mullah Khatami (“President Khatami”) and certain other criminals and murderers running the Islamist regime, have been and continue to be paraded as “moderates” and “reformists” by the Western press, but that is surely a revelation of US, European and Israeli standards, not “Iranian standards”. Iranian standards require that Mullah Khatami be strangled with his own entails.]

In September 2006, the retired Khatami visited the US on a speaking tour. At the time he warned relations between Iran and America would only improve through talks and that Teheran’s nuclear energy program was for peaceful purposes only.

To read CMIP’s full report on Iranian textbooks visit

Meanwhile, despite the instruction of hatred by the Ayatollahs in Iran the Iranian people appear to more open-minded.

Israel’s Holocaust museum Yad Vashem revealed that its newly launched Farsi-language website has attracted 2,242 visitors from the Islamic state, many of whom left positive comments for its administrators.

“Your site uses very simple and unbiased language to describe a very disturbing and horrific chapter of human history, and I am sure everyone who visits it will come away with a firm belief that we must all work hard, shoulder to shoulder to stop the same from happening to our children and future generations. Sincerely, Ahmad,” read one response.

Another praised “the effort put forth by [Yad Vashem’s] respectful organization in taking the time to create a Farsi language Web site to increase public knowledge about the Holocaust.”

Yad Vashem said more than 20,000 people living in Muslim countries visit their online website every year.

Source: Original text contributed by the author, IHC reporter.


Announcing CMIP's latest report: The Attitude to the 'Other' and to Peace in Iranain School Textbooks and Teacher's Guides, composed by Dr. Arnon Groiss and Nethanel (Navid) Toobian.

The full report is now available on the site. Also available in English, French and German, a seperate overview of the report and an article composed by the author. These will be presented during the first half of February in: Brussels, Geneva, Vienna, Paris and London.

Click below for relevant links:

The full Report

Overview of the report:
English, French, German

A policy paper: "Iran's Global War Curriculum" by Dr. Arnon Groiss:
English, French, German


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