Thursday, January 04, 2007


The Islamic Republican website “Baztab” refutes Michael Ledeen’s announcement of the death of the “Supreme Leader” of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khamenei:

In its response to the claim, HERE, Baztab likens “the rumor” to the rumors surrounding the injury and death of Hassan Nassrallah, head of the Lebanese Hezbollah, which, according to Baztab, “were started by Israeli news agencies to compensate for the Israeli military’s shortcomings after the 33 day war in Lebanon.”

p.s. I hope Khamenei goes to Hell ASAP, and Mullah Khatami follows him.


Anonymous frieda said...

I was surprised Ledeen will post such a hoax in his blog... I don't believe the news, there is nothing extra ordinary on Iranian TV. or if it is true, we will see the brain washing to begin.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Jon Swift said...

Michael Ledeen is dead.

6:44 AM  

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