Monday, December 18, 2006


Despite continuing and widespread efforts to reduce, individualize, and attribute to the person of Ahmadinejad what are and have been general characteristics shared by all officials of a criminal organization, the truth about the Islamic Republic does on occasion manage to pass by the censors of the “free” press:

Iran's Jews Mark Hanukkah in [Holocaust] Conference's Shadow

…The issue of Holocaust denial did not originate with Ahmadinejad.
…We’ve been familiar with these opinions for many years.
…They in fact originated with Ayatollah Khomeini (leader of the 1979 anti-Pahlavi revolt).
…Unlike his predecessors (such as the “moderate” Mullah Khatami) Ahmadinejad has announced these sentences loudly and internationally.
…Wiping Israel off the map of the world and denying the Holocaust are new for the world, not for Iranians.

With the extent of the “efforts” by opportunists acting the part of “opposition” (sustained and paraded as such to discredit the opponents of Khomeini’s Republic, which should never be questioned) culminating in Ahmadinejad-Swastika Photoshops appealing to some teenagers, thankfully there are Iranians such as Arash Abaie, who at great risk to their lives and the lives of their families, try to undermine the latest charade in an unending series of “radical vs. moderate” public relations campaigns that have sustained the Islamist regime for nearly three decades.


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