Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Iran Hawks Reorganize"-Laura Rozen-aei-ledeen-fakhravar

Yes Ms. Rozen. It does sound familiar. But with all due respect, for an Iranian such as myself it evokes something perhaps slightly different than what you may have in mind.

For you see, if the public’s now almost instinctive aversion towards any undertaking associated with the “hawks” can be taken for granted, it seems to me one should also consider the possibility that charades such as this are resorted to precisely in order to counter that public’s sympathy towards the victims and opponents of the Islamist regime.

Furthermore, had you considered the kind of “regime change” envisioned by the named US “hawks”, it would have become apparent that Iranians themselves could not regard these characters as partners in a common cause, especially those so-called “neo-conservatives” playing the “ethnic” card.

In short, the Iranian people’s struggle for the independence of their nation from the Islamist regime will remain just, open and needless of questionable activities despite all efforts by those (including the counterfeit "opposition")who wish to discredit it by showcasing it as a neo-conservative agenda.


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