Sunday, October 22, 2006

houshang-hooshang-Houchang Nahavandi

(گفتگوی هوشنگ نهاوندی با راديو ژودايك (پاريس

يكشنبه، ٢٢ اكتبر ٢٠٠٦
(به زبان فرانسوی)

آخرين روزها
راديو ژودايك ("Judaiques FM")

[For the non-Persian readers, the recording is that of an interview, conducted by radio Judaiques (Paris), with Houchang Nahavandi. A minister in the Iranian government before the anti-Iranian "revolution", Prof. Nahavandi is the author of The Last Shah of Iran and the more recent Iran, le choc des ambitions. The interview aired earlier today.]

Special thanks to Monsieur Jean Corcos.
Picture: Centre royaliste d'Action française


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