Thursday, August 31, 2006

Roxanne Ganji Jimmy Carter Mohammad Khatami

Roxanne Ganji (daughter of Manouchehr Ganji)'s letter to Jimmy Carter, who has decided to host Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami, the anti-Iranian, criminal ex-president of the Islamist regime occupying Iran for talks during his visit to the United States starting this week.

President Carter:

Twenty-Eight years ago you robbed me and my generation of all of our hopes and aspirations. We were going to be the generation that would help our fathers, mothers, brothers and sister bring Iran to the twenty first century. The Iran I was growing up in was a modern secular Iran with the natural growing pains of a developing country. However, my homeland was on the right track.The Iranian Revolution destroyed my homeland and took us back to the middle ages. It caused nothing but grief and destruction not only to my homeland but all over the World.

I remember clearly as a fifteen year old watching you and your wife on your trip to Iran on our National TV saluting the Shah and calling Iran "The Island of Stability". Only a few months later you and your administration started pounding the Shah regarding Violations of Human Rights!!!! Even if all you said was true was it worth this outcome???All we hear these days is reforming the Islamic Republic of Iran!!!! Could you not have suggested reforms then and been more patient. Did you have to push us into the current situation????

During the past twenty eight years I have never heard standing up for the Human Rights Violations against my brothers and sisters in Iran !!!!!! Talk about Human Rights Violations, this regime has done nothing but VIOLATE every single RIGHTS my compatriots have since its inception. It has been on the list of U.N. Human Rights Violators for at least twenty-two years. Have you stood up for my young compatriots who have given up their lives in the political prisons of the IRI? How about all the women stoned during this regime??? And what about all the journalists imprisoned and tortured daily, or all the dissident assassinated inside and outside Iran ?!!!!!!!! How about the young iranian girls sold to Arab countries, How about the children sleeping in the streets or all the addicts.......

Now we hear you will be hosting the Former president of this terrorist regime. How ironic for a man who stood up for Human Rights to host a terrorist with the blood of the Iranian People on his hands.

Khatami's report card during his eight years as the President of the IRI is clear and I don't need to review it. He only bought time for the regime and no reforms were done. He is known for being the President during the "Chain Executions" and Plenty of students have been arrested, tortured and killed in the political prisons during his time. Plenty of young women were stoned to death during his presidency..... Zahra Kazemi the Iranian/Canadian Journalist was killed under his presidency ,and plenty of other crimes.....

What a shame that you will be hosting such a man. President Carter the people of Iran will never forget all of this, and this will be a negative legacy you will be leaving in the history of the world. Don't forget September 11 happened because of a bunch of Islamic Fundamentalists and the IRI as the World know is the # 1 Supporter, funder, trainer and protector of these Islamic Fundamentalist Organization. By keeping them intact you will help these groups to mushroom and become a bigger threat to the future generations.

It is definitely a shame that instead of trying to make peace with the people of Iran you have chosen to stand against us and our aspirations for toppling this terrorist regime. We shall prevail no matter what, but we shall also remember our true friends and foe.

Roxanne Ganji
Los Angeles
(August 31, 2006)


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