Friday, June 16, 2006

US-Russia-China-Iran-Great Game

New moves on the tripolar chessboard

The Iranian nuclear crisis is really a three-dimensional geopolitical struggle among Russia, China and the US for dominance over the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Basin.

Although a good, informative article, it can be equally misleading. Klare argues that there could be no greater win on the global chessboard for the United Sates than a “change in regime” in Tehran, regime change being defined as the “replacement of the clerical government with a US-friendly regime.” This is generally correct, but Kline does not take into consideration that from the point of view of a significant number American chess players, who needless to say also play to win, the operative word has been and will remain “modification” not “replacement”. To them, modification, or “reform”, of an unfriendly clerical Islamic regime into a friendly, even a non-clerical, Islamic one would constitute regime change.


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