Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ayatollah Shirin Ebadi-vali nasr

Dr. Vali Nasr’s review of Ayatollah Shirin Ebadi’s Iran Awakening in The New Republic is probably the first review in a non-Persian publication that dares to provide some critical assessment of the views of this two-faced charlatan turned globetrotting spokeswoman of the al-Qaida and her beloved Islamist Republic. This criticism Dr. Nasr summarizes in the following statements:

“Ebadi's confused rendition of Iranian history, which vacillates between celebrating the revolution and condemning its consequences, makes it difficult to regard her as a symbol of democracy.”

Ebadi "remains enamored of the revolution that brought [the theocracy] into being. She shows empathy for its makers, even for violent terror groups such as the Mojahedin-e Khalgh Organization, whose history is soaked in blood. How can those who speak for democracy also continue to idealize an anti-democratic revolution?”

You may disagree or find faults with the rest of the review, as I do, but given the publicity surrounding Ebadi, Dr. Vali Nasr should be praised for having dared express such opinion at all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your webiste is crap. shirin ebadi risks her life. what the hell have you done? get a life. ignorance really makes me upset.

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