Sunday, December 25, 2005

The sudden fondness for music and the arts among “reformers”

“During Khatami's eight-year stint as president over 300 newspaper, magazines and other journals were closed down and over 3000 journalists, intellectuals and university teachers imprisoned for varying lengths of time. Khatami also established a black list of Iranian and foreign authors that contained more than 4000 names. The list of works banned, including some by a number of Iran's greatest classical poets, was even longer.”

--- “How long can Ahmadinejad pedal?

The Islamic puppet republic’s placement of a very candid Shiite by the name of Ahmadinejad in the presidential seat has been of great advantage, in so far as it did away with the camouflage provided by the western endorsed smiling anti-Iranian terrorist Ayatollah Khatami. However, given the daily reaction of the so-called “reformists” to Ahmadinejad, and the manner in which that reaction is disseminated by the west, it is more and more suggested to me that the selection of Ahmadinejad could equally turn out to have been greatly useful for the Islamic Republic!

Need I elaborate further when I say that the “reformists’” criticism of Ahmadinejad, unlike that of those at war with the murderers ruling our country, is in reality self-promotion, and the endorsement of such criminals as Rafsanjani and his protégé Mullah Khatami? All one needs to do is to visit their countless weblogs and websites.

With this in mind, read THIS ARTICLE on the recent news of the “banning of music” (there having been dancing and music in our streets from 1979 until 2005) by “Iran’s Hitler”.


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