Thursday, December 08, 2005

Be worried

Political Islam vs. Democracy

The Bush Administration's Deadly Waltz with Shiite Theocrats in Iraq and Muslim Brotherhood Fanatics in Syria, Egypt, and Elsewhere

By Robert Dreyfuss
November 29, 2005

This is one of those articles that I would call a "must read."

Like most Iranians opposed to the anti-Iranian Islamic Republic ("fascist" in my opinion would be a compliment, not to mention besides the point), I of course supported President Bush during the 2004 elections. Given the US President's nominal support for the people of Iran and the Democrats' decades long record, starting with JFK, of open animosity against the same, it was not a difficult decision. But the expectation that by supporting Bush we additionally abandoned our duty to criticize, even condemn, actions or policies that we perceive as ill-conceived or plain wrong, seems to me rather astonishing.


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