Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An article in Safa Haeri’s IPS

This is how Safa Haeri begins his latest article in what he calls “Iran Press Service”:

PARIS, 12 Dec. (IPS) “…. He is viscerally anti Jew, anti West…This is rooted in his education, his fascination for Hasan al Bana, Gamal Abdol Naser and third worldism, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, the late Egyptian leader and the movement that once was the flag ship of developing nations… and above all his total and fanatic belief in Shi’a doctrine”, said an Iranian journalist who knew Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from the time he was Mayor of Tehran, commenting the islamo-populist Iranian President who, in less than four months destroyed all the credits – and respect -- his predecessor, Mohammad Khatami, a charismatic cleric, had obtained painfully for Iran during the eight years he was in office October.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You read correctly: All the “credits and respect,” emphasis on respect, that the “charismatic cleric” (meaning the always-smiling anti-Iranian Shiite terrorist) Mullah Mohammad Khatami had obtained “painfully” for Iran---for “Iran” no less!---has been destroyed by Ahmadinejad!

So far as characters of Safa Haeri's ilk are concerned, political prostition has no boundaries.

Two articles by Amir Taheri exposing the efforts by these charlatans, many of whom operate abroad, to whitewash Ayatullah Khatami and the "reformists'" record:

Article 1
Article 2


Blogger Eyagha said...

I happen to read Safa Haeri's Work (Iran Press Service) from time to time, for several years. It has never come accross to me as supporting the former "President" of Iran, Mr. Khatami.

What seems to bother "Khorshid" (the Sun, in Farsi language!!!) is that Mr. Haeri demonstrates the capacity of "nuanced judgement" when comparing the two "Presidents", Khatami and Ahmadi Nejad. Fact is that these have both common points AND differences. One who does not see these differences is simply lacking Objectivity.

It is true that nuances shade away when the Sun shines high in the sky... and far from Earth.

5:31 AM  

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