Saturday, November 19, 2005


It’s the eighth annual Rencontres internationales du documentaire, a film festival held in Montreal, but filmmakers Moslem Mansouri of New York and Lila Ghobady of Ottawa want to withdraw the documentary they produced to protest the festival organizers’ acceptance of a $2,000 gift from the occupied Iranian embassy in Ottawa.


Regarding the article itself, note the title, “Iranian support should be shunned”. Poor “Iran”, and how unfortunate for Iranians that we can’t even manage to force these journalists to use “Islamic Republic” instead. Also, I obviously disagree that films produced under the watchful eyes of the Islamic Republic have been praised, won “critical” acclaim or welcomed at film festivals “largely for their unflinching, candid look at social problems.” I believe that praising such “unflinching” films, especially during the Mullah Khatami period, was in tune with the foreign policies of the various members of bloodsuckers international.


March 2005 Interview with Mr. Mansouri

Article by Lila Ghobady:

“I don’t want my documentary shown at the Montreal Documentary Film Festival, which received bloody oil money from the murderous, corrupt and oppressive Iranian regime. I am calling to cancel the screening of my film, Epitaph at this festival.”

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