Tuesday, November 29, 2005


While Iranians were, and still are, digging their belongings from the ruins of their homes in the various villages affected by the recent earthquake in Qeshm, Palestinians were welcoming the flow of Iranian money for “Islamic projects”:

TEL AVIV [MENL] -- The Palestinian Authority has welcomed the flow of Iranian funds for Islamic projects.

Senior PA officials have endorsed Iranian-funded charities in the Gaza Strip. These charities have been administered by Iranian-sponsored groups, such as Islamic Jihad, regarded as the most active insurgency organization against Israel.

The endorsement of Iranian funding of Palestinian institutions has included PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. On Oct. 13, Abbas sponsored a ceremony in which the Iranian-funded Al Ansar Charity Association distributed funds in the Gaza Strip.

Al Ansar distributed $1 million to the families of Palestinian insurgents in the Gaza Strip. The funding was said to have gone to families of so-called martyrs, who include those killed in operations against Israel or those detained by the Jewish state.


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