Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A noteworthy omission

I think most of you know of the demonstration that took place on Sunday, outside LA’s federal building, to protest against Ahmadinejad’s comments on Israel. By all accounts, it went well, even “extraordinarily” well according to one radio station, and many Iranians showed up “to show the world”, so they hoped, and we hoped, that Islamists republicans ruling Iran do not represent Iranians. A friend of mine from a neighboring state even flew to LA to be there.

So, is it not remarkable that in THIS report from the AP, the only English language article I’ve been able to find on the rally, there is no mention whatever about the presence of Iranians in the demonstration?

Meanwhile, from Budapest:
Iranian student apologizes to Israel


Blogger persian dissident-Human Rights Defender said...

Hi little sarbaz,
This is the problem with us iranians. We just can not get organized in the right way. How come nobody thought to let the israeli embassy know aboout this protest? what about Fox News; you think they would be all over this.
It is so depressing. No matter what we do, we lack the world outlet that the propaganda machine of the mullahs with their money have. what are we to do? all this talk of nasle no and opposition tv stations and...

10:32 AM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Hello Persian Dissident,

“We just cannot get organized in the right way,” or, stated as a positive statement, one that I prefer: “We can or are encouraged to get organized the wrong way.”

In my opinion, there is a wide gap between our “opposition’s” view of reality and reality itself. Reports by these radio and TV personalities tend to be exaggerated and are mainly self-congratulatory.

I’m sure the Israeli embassy was contacted, but regardless, the Israelis were and are well aware of the activities of anti-IR elements. However, just as in the US, Israel naturally looks after her own interests and the mere acknowledgment of our struggle against the Shiite Taliban by the Israeli press may be perceived as to conflict with those interests.

Remember Anjomane Padeshahi’s protest in front of the EU parliament a few months ago? It was not reported either, and that protest was far more news worthy than this demonstration last weekend.

As to Fox and other news agencies, I heard that many reporters were there, but where are the reports?

Yes, it is all depressing but let’s not give our enemies the satisfaction of seeing us giving up.

Be Omide Piroozi

p.s. Are you planning to update your blog?

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Liberator said...

The Jewish community thanks Iranians for their cooperation against the Islamic Republic's terrorist statements:


Ba Sepaas

6:51 PM  

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