Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Guardian mistakes Iran for Switzerland

The Shiite Taliban lets Iranians have “open public debates” and we didn't know it:

Time holds the key to change

This time they argue that give the Islamic Republic more time on the nuclear issue, because time could bring change and “Iranians” may change their mind. Fair enough, but note one way which, according to The Guardian, this change is supposed to be brought about:

“Change at the intellectual level, because Iran has yet to have any public debate on nuclear matters and in the past, at least, surprisingly open debate on important issues has taken place.”

Of course, The Guardian, and the several “Iranian” websites where the rag is regularly syndicated, fails to mention examples of such open public debates; perhaps by “open public debates” they mean secret negotiations between the West and the Islamic Republic over our natural resources. But I’m sure readers here remember well the “open public debates” that we’ve had for the past 27 years in our very democratic society!


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