Saturday, November 05, 2005

Azaris not Iranians, according to Peiknet

Iranians in the province of Azarbaijan not Iranians, according to Peiknet

No exclamation mark, because it is not unusual.

If you go to the anti-Iranian website Peiknet, in the right column on the home page, you may see a short paragraph concerning “chauvinism” and a link taking you to THIS article. According to the article, in a recent interview published in the monthly Iran Mehr, “someone called” Ghassem Azinifar has talked to a certain Professor Safi Zadeh regarding Iranian history, in which interview quite a number of delirious assertions have been made.

I did not succeed in finding the interview on the net, but if the article were to be trusted on its quotations, then yes, I too would think the professor wrong on a number of his statements. But according to this article and Peiknet, one “delirious” assertion, cleverly thrown into the bunch, is that Iranians living in the province of Azarbaijan are Iranians!

May I suggest, then, to the political prostitutes at Peiknet, that the next time they borrow an article from a pan-Turkist website openly praising murderers and terrorists, much like Peiknet itself, to at least give their "comrades" credit?


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