Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ayatollah Jannati:

"بشر غير از اسلام همان حيواناتي هستند كه روي زمين مي‌چرند و فساد مي‌كنند"

Comparing non-Moslems to cattle, Shiite cleric Ayatollah Jannati declared: "Non-Moslems are those same animals that graze and perform lewd acts!"

Quoted by ISNA


Ayatollah Ali Jannati (interim Friday prayers leader of Tehran)’s comments on November 11 regarding the mass execution of Iranian monarchists:

That is where the exalted value of the Islamic Republic becomes more evident and one feels obliged to praise God for its establishment, since when Pahlavi Dynasty fell, the Islamic Republic officials did not waste any time in punishing the well known criminals.

For instance [Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi's Premier for 13 years Amir Abbas] Hoveyda came to the hearing session and answered four, or five questions, then they finished him off with a bullet.

That is the right thing to do. If that becomes the rule, no one would dare to commit crimes, or oppress.


(In bold to note that at least Jannati seems to know the puppet republic’s record far better than, say, a Roya Hakakian. He is, unquestionably, far more honest about it.)


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