Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Article in The Telegraph regarding weblogs

I think someone should let Lillian Swift of The Telegraph know that the blog “Regime Change Iran” is not an Iranian blog, but an American blog operated by a gentleman by the name of Gary Metz. For that is surely the impression given by her article “Iran's war on weblogs - the new voice of dissidents”. No corrections, or clarification, YET from Mr. Metz.

As to “Free Thoughts on Iran” being an “Iranian” blog, well, that would be true if we considered supporters of the Islamic Republic---it’s “reformist” or “anti-totalitarian” (Their term, I assure you) factions--- to be “Iranian”. But those of us who are against the Islamic Republic, who consider the republic as an anti-Iranian entity, do not.

Furthermore, the puppet regime in Iran has no need to block access to websites such as FTI and many more like it---although it could put them in spotlight as anti-IR by doing so--- for what is stated there can be easily read elsewhere, in such websites as the BBC or Radio Farda for instance, and discussed by the reformist factions operating within and serving the regime.


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