Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Let your views on Iran’s territorial integrity known

If we’re not going to have any demonstrations, and we don’t when they do count, we might as well sign this petition:

[We the undersigned], view Iran's territorial integrity to be paramount above all and strongly condemn any policies or entities that seeks to harm Iran's territorial cohesion.

The American president has gone so far as to unequivocally state that "America believes in the independence and territorial integrity of Iran"‌ and it is therefore regretful to hear that a credible and well-known think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute, has organized a conference on Iran where the panelists are all separatists.

We hope the American Enterprise Institute takes greater care when organizing conferences that seek to infringe upon Iran's territory.

We urge AEI, as a token of respect for Iranians and to help clarify its position that it does not seek to instigate or promote secession in Iran, by only having the Iran Lion and Sun flag on display as the only Iranian flag present at the conference cited above.

Very good, short, and concise. Thanks to an anonymous visitor for the link.

Incidentally, do you remember that very famous passage from Silver Blaze?

``Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?''
``To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.''
``But the dog did nothing in the night-time!''
``That was the curious incident.''

Well, considering how they singled out and continuously attacked US neo-conservatives for pushing for regime change in Iran, don’t you find it rather curious that of the innumerable “Iranian news and analysis” websites (take your pick), particularly the "left-leaning" ones, so far there has been no serious “efshagari” or criticism, of American Enterprise Institute’s conference involving self-styled “federalists”? Most did not even mention it! And to think how they sing the praises of the nationalist Dr. Mossadegh on a daily basis! In fact, the first and only reference to the conference I found soon after hearing of it was from the pro-Islamic Republic Hoder!

I’m certain that you also noticed the absence of criticism, let alone attacks, from the usual anti-neoconservative, even anti-Bush websites (Antiwar, etc.). Are these not a case of the dog not barking in the nighttime?

My opinion is that the explanation is actually quite simple. Ledeen, the “neo-conservative” is now considering the “neo-liberal” method of dealing with the Islamic Republic, which is to give the Islamic Republic enough time, and aid, to implode from within.

Some call this Balkanization.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good job thank you!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freedom for Arabistan! No to Islamic Republic! No to Monarchy! Yes to the Ahwazi Arabs!

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This must be banafshe! By the way it does not make things better to have your mother in the AEI panel!

3:16 PM  

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