Wednesday, October 26, 2005

70% of the population of Khuzestan is Arab!

This, according to a group calling itself “Marze Por Gohar”! You’ll find this piece of falsehood somewhere in their comments regarding Wednesday’s AEI conference in THIS article!

Wonder why Iranians either don’t give two hoots about the “opposition” or distrust it? Why should they when, like this instance, a group purportedly against federalism---but supportive of the other side of the same coin---awards anti-Iranian separatists with a claim they themselves have been unable to propagate on their own…despite The Guardian propaganda machine (see notes, HERE).

Iran’s population is currently (July 2005) about 68 million, and the total number of “Arabs” in Iran (i.e. all provinces combined) is 3% or 2 million of total population. Let us also agree that the population of Khuzestan is currently about 4 million; a conservative estimate, since it was 3.74 million ten years ago (according to a 1996 census).

Let us say that the entire 2 million or 3% of “Arabs” from all Iranian provinces suddenly found themselves in Khuzestan.

Even ten years ago, TODAY’s 2 million figure would have been 600 thousand short of a 2,618,000 figure that would have been necessary to constitute the 70% majority (i.e. 70% of 3.74 million).

70% of 4 million? 2,800,000. That is, 800 thousand greater than the total number of “Arabs” throughout Iran according to the latest demographics available!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it was not for Marze Por Gohar you would have no idea about AEI.

You just lost a visitor!

10:18 AM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

I also agree with you that if it wasn't for MPG, I would have no idea that Persian Gulf is Persian Gulf! Exactly what part of this post do you refute?

I regret losing a visitor, but I cannot help that.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a shame that people like you and me dont appreciate what we have.
I am not a member of Marze PorGohar, I have been following their activity like everyone else. They way you put these people down in your article I wonder why even these people bother to lift a finger for you and me.
These are the people who have managed to unite all the existing major political parties to protest against AEI. Look at their website and see how much work they are doing. Persian Gulf was also a collective effort which send a strong signal to the world. Instead of being so ungreatful lets change our views and look longer ahead.

Since you are running a good weblog you have huge responsibility and you should look longer ahead.
What would we be without active organisations such as Marze Porgohar?

In my view they are doing a very good job and more power to freedom-loving Iranians.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Reza said...

MPG are "extremists" according to this:

5:43 PM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Anonymous#2: If I, with what I know to be a mediocre weblog, have such huge responsibility, then pray tell me of the responsibilities of AN ORGANIZATION. Do you realise that now any anti-Iranian can turn around and defend his argument for the separation of our province based on "an Iranian group's own figures"?

You seem a sensible person and I fully understand your concerns. But understand mine: I trust no one, no one, and the people I least trust are people within our "opposition".

Thank you, and I hope to see more of your comments as I can learn from them.

"REZA": "Al-Ahwaz" goft-o man bavar kardam!

9:14 AM  

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