Saturday, September 10, 2005

SOS Iran comedy hour

Those among us who still wonder why their honest efforts against the Islamic Republic, and for an independent Iran, have been mainly inconsequential will be sure to find some clues by looking into the affair of Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York.

Although the arrival of the Islamist Republic’s latest president to address the United Nations would provide Iranians with an opportunity to inform the world, meaning others, of their hatred towards the anti-Iranian regime, certain individuals and organizations have been busy at work giving the impression---to others, to non-Iranians--- that this hatred is confined to and against the person of Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Republic’s “new” government. As to the media, daily apologies for Mullah Khatami as “an official without power” and “a figurehead” have been conspicuously replaced, overnight, with comedic and caricaturic vilification of Ahmadinejad as the Islamic Republic’s chief decision maker. He is undoubtedly a villain and a terrorist, like his predecessor; but why the cheap caricature?

In my opinion, of the individuals and organizations just referred to, there is one, “SOS Iran”, which either by design or because it is far more an American organization than an Iranian one, seems to be ahead of others in misrepresenting our cause. Wait a moment Khorshid, you may say; just because their cause is not yours that does not give you the right to criticize them so. You would be right, if they did not claim to represent Iranians at large. But they do.

A few days ago, however, these political comedians really outdid themselves. During their program on Wednesday, Ms. Homa Ehsan and someone else on the phone discussed how they’ve been making phone calls to the office of President Jimmy Carter, asking him for his presence and support during the upcoming planned demonstrations! Giving the Iranian reader a chance to recover let me explain to the non-Iranians that we have as much respect for Carter as we have for Ahmadinejad!

Decent people working within this organization are well advised to concentrate their efforts elsewhere. As to their leaders, they could always join THIS organization.

Ask Jimmy Carter to come and help the Iranian people! This was the reaction on Avardgahe Rahayi:


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