Friday, September 09, 2005

Pre-Islamic, ancient Iran was “the evil empire”

No, this is not a translation of the sayings of Ayatollah Motahari, Ebrahim Yazdi, Ali Larijani or some member of the self-styled “Jebhe Melli”.

Although hardly distinguishable from what we've read or heard from Islamists and anti-Iranians in general, whose shared duty to erase our sense of national identity requires that they mock Iranian history, you may still want to read this article, published yesterday, by Britain’s Guardian.

The evil empire
Persia's kings are history's great villains. Does the British Museum's show do them justice?

Jonathan Jones
Thursday September 8, 2005
Guardian (Art and architecture section)

The title of this exhibition is a bit misleading. Forgotten Empire, the British Museum calls its spectacular resurrection of ancient Persia. Yet the Persians are as notorious in their way as Darth Vader, the Sheriff of Nottingham, General Custer, or any other embodiment of evil empire you care to mention. They are history's original villains.

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