Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Plunder of Iran

"The Return of the d’Arcy Treaty; This Time, Iranian Gold"

Granting the invaluable right of gold exploration in a vast section of the country to a relatively new British company, reminds one of the d’Arcy concession of hundred years ago.

Baztab (Islamic Republic)
September 14, 2005

The British company Persian Gold (incorporated in 1982) has been granted exclusive rights to explore for gold, in unlimited amounts, in an 1800 square kilometer area in Takestan (in the province of Qazvin), a location replete with Alunite-Quartz mines.

This company, which was incorporated merely for the right to explore for gold in this region, is now working in Takestan’s Zahabad area, with an interesting record of extracting 14 grams of gold from each ton of rock from the Alunite-Quartz mines.

The Britons granted the rights to explore for gold in this volcanic area are so awestruck by the amount of wealth contained in these mines that even before finishing the examination of rock samples from the first phase they’ve jumped to the second phase.

The company’s specialists have found 8 gold clusters of various carats. Having had exclusive rights to extract three types of gold until now, the company has now requested exploration rights to 5 other types.

In addition to the gold veins on the surface of earth, it is said that the company’s agents are also very interested in the subterranean deposits in the area.

This company, which found its way to the London Stock Exchange only on account of its investments in Iran, now intends to sell some 4 million shares of its stocks. Because of a $300 thousand investment project in Iran, the value of this company’s shares, worth one million pounds at the time of its founding, are now valued at 14 million pounds. They currently intend to do exploration work in a 320 square kilometer area in Takestan for a period of 18 months.

The granting of concessions over exploration rights to this British company occurs despite the fact that Iran itself has several thousand years of history in the exploration and utilization of gold. Gold coins and engravings alone, found throughout Iran’s history and formed by Iranian hands, testify to this fact.

Previously, the British company Rio Tinto came in possession of the Sari Gunny goldmine in the province of Kurdestan. It was granted the right to exploit the mine for 25 years.


Click HERE to hear an interview with Persian Gold's founder and chairman, John Teeling.

p.s. Incorporated in 1982. That is, soon after the "victory" of the revolution.


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